Random Act of Kindness is highly recommended

For no particular reason I forgot to bring my mojo to work with me today. In fact I have forgotten it every day this week. I felt really flat and my personal radio station had found itself tuned in to “your a failure” chanel. I headed off to a session with my trainer at the gym and as often happens I enjoyed it way more than I had expected.

On the way back to denovo HQ I popped into the supermarket. Just in front of me a man had pulled up on his pushbike. He chatted with a homeless man at the entrance and I overheard them talking about a drop-in centre.

We both headed down the back of the supermarket and as we walked through a number of the staff acknowledged him and he would reply in a chirpy hello. He collected 8 loaf’s of white budget bread and headed to the checkout. I ended up standing behind him in the queue so I asked if he was planning on making lots of sandwiches. He smiled and said sort of. When it was his turn to be served I followed him up to the checkout  and said ” let me pay for bread today”. Next came a look of shock and disbelief. He hesitated and asked me if I was serious and if I really wanted to pay for his bread. He explained it would be $8. I confirmed it was my intention to pay and it was just my random act of kindness for the day. He started beaming, saying he would pray for me and sharing with anyone who would listen to never give up on people, as good people see the good in other good people. I was beaming with happiness, the checkout operator was also smiling and as for my new friend whose name I don’t know and life story I don’t know left with an extra spring in his step.

I am now back behind my desk feeling more peaceful and grateful for my life. Pretty cheap investment in my book!

Small investment to give you that feel good feeling

Small investment to give you that feel good feeling