Sharing one of my goals for 2014

It’s my last full day as a beginner camper. It’s been an interesting experience living so close to people you don’t really know. We are staying with my Uncle who is a seasoned camper and has been coming to this camp ground for many years. For the regulars it’s a real community and when someone heads to the shops they quickly whip around to see if they anyone needs anything picked up. People pop in for a quick visit throughout the day. If someone camping in your area leaves the camp ground they let the campers around them know , nothing seems to be locked up and off they go. Everyone looking out for each other and their property. It’s certainly an environment of mutual respect for your neighbours. It got me wondering if they all do this at home or if this is just camping etiquette.

It had made me appreciate more than ever how valuable friendliness and kindness is towards one another. I think in our busy lives we often forget these two qualities as members of our community. I’ve decided that this year one of my personal goals is to be more community minded in my neighbourhood.

There will definitely be an increase in the random acts of kindness and taking the time to check in on my neighbours.


Snapping yourself out of the grump’s

I caught myself being grumpy and resentful this morning. I felt that dark cloud of ungratefulness hover over head and start sucking the energy out of me. I’ve learnt over recent years that I have a choice how to respond to these situations. I can allow the cloud to hover over me for hours or I can push them away and return to my grateful zone. There area a number of techniques you can use however the one that works best for me is to take some “me” time and focus on the things I’m grateful for.

My “me” time this mornings was to head over and get our takeaway coffees. I placed the order and was gifted a 10 minute wait. We are staying in a large busy camping ground which provides you the ideal place to people watch. Looking around me I quickly came to the realisation how lucky I am with the life I have chosen to lead. More importantly I realised the reason I was grumpy was pretty trivial in the scheme of things. In fact it’s so trivial I am not even going to share it. On my return to our campsite the dark ungratefulness cloud became less dark and I was feeling more energised to enjoy day two of 2014.

Next time you find yourself grumpy and that dark cloud hovering over head take some quiet time and focus on what you’re grateful for.


One of my 2013 personal highlights

One of my highlights this year was participating in a spinathon at Habit Evans Bay to help Chris Watson raise funds towards his 8 day 800km charity bike ride in Thailand in January 2014. The annual event raises money to support Hands Across the Water (HATW ) centres and also a number of projects. Check out there website

There are two reasons this was one of my highlights, first HATW is an amazing charity and I have been able to see first hand the great work they do particularly for the children of Baan Than Namchai. Secondly I committed to completing six hours spinning which included two one hour spin classes and the remainder spinning at my own pace. Thanks to a number of generous sponsors this was more than I had planned to complete when I decided to participate.

I started getting lots of advice from people on how to survive the six hours and some people even told me I was pretty much setting myself up to fail. The thing that surprised me the most was my reaction. I started to get more and more focused and determined I could do this. I spent time visualising completing the challenge and the feel good factor I would experience at the end of the spinathon. The day of the spinathon I think it’s fair to say I was the most focused on achieving a fitness challenge than I had for years. I got Into the zone, downloaded some spin music and off I went. Rather than doing my four hours at a relaxed pace I kept up a steady pace using the music to keep me motivated. I ended up spinning for six hours 30 minutes, raised $1630 and felt really good the day after.

The lesson here for me was if I put my mind to a challenge I can achieve it. I am going to set another challenge this year so watch this space.