It’s all about the stepping stones !

It has been several months since I let my fingers do the walking on my keyboard but I have finally pushed aside the excuses. Funny thing is even though I have been avoiding writing a new blog I have missed sitting down and sharing my thoughts, advice and reflections  with my virtual friends.

At denovo HQ we have had the opportunity to work with some great clients this year. They find their way to us as when they are in need of support, advice, or just some inspiration to find their career mojo or that next career adventure.  The most rewarding thing for me as a career strategist is getting feedback from clients that they have pushed through the fear barrier and are both motivated and determined to reclaim their career mojo.  I have to be honest, sometimes reading these emails or receiving the feedback in person I feel guilty as all I did was help them identify what action needed to be taken and then encourage them take the first one or two steps.

In most cases my clients have been hesitant in taking the first few steps as they have allowed themselves to imagine the worse case scenario of those steps going badly wrong. Reality is even if they go slightly wrong or not as planned it is not a major catastrophe. At the end of the day you are the  main reason your being held back from finding your career mojo or that next career adventure. So  my challenge to you is what is something you can do to increase you career mojo  and just get out there and take that step.

If you are sitting there and at a lose about what that step needs to be flick me a message and I would be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you.


Snapping yourself out of the grump’s

I caught myself being grumpy and resentful this morning. I felt that dark cloud of ungratefulness hover over head and start sucking the energy out of me. I’ve learnt over recent years that I have a choice how to respond to these situations. I can allow the cloud to hover over me for hours or I can push them away and return to my grateful zone. There area a number of techniques you can use however the one that works best for me is to take some “me” time and focus on the things I’m grateful for.

My “me” time this mornings was to head over and get our takeaway coffees. I placed the order and was gifted a 10 minute wait. We are staying in a large busy camping ground which provides you the ideal place to people watch. Looking around me I quickly came to the realisation how lucky I am with the life I have chosen to lead. More importantly I realised the reason I was grumpy was pretty trivial in the scheme of things. In fact it’s so trivial I am not even going to share it. On my return to our campsite the dark ungratefulness cloud became less dark and I was feeling more energised to enjoy day two of 2014.

Next time you find yourself grumpy and that dark cloud hovering over head take some quiet time and focus on what you’re grateful for.


Using quotes to keep you motivated

I came across this great quote which was posted by Tiny Buddha today on Facebook – “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” – Ralph Marston .

It really resonated with me, so much so I plan to use it as one of my motivating quotes for 2014. I find having motivating quotes posted around my desk, in my journal and as screen saver can be key to keeping me on track. One quote that has played a key role in my life journey is ” if it’s to be it’s up to me”. I am also a big fan of many of the Dr Seuss quotes.

What’s your 2014 motivating quote or quotes going to be?