Sharing one of my goals for 2014

It’s my last full day as a beginner camper. It’s been an interesting experience living so close to people you don’t really know. We are staying with my Uncle who is a seasoned camper and has been coming to this camp ground for many years. For the regulars it’s a real community and when someone heads to the shops they quickly whip around to see if they anyone needs anything picked up. People pop in for a quick visit throughout the day. If someone camping in your area leaves the camp ground they let the campers around them know , nothing seems to be locked up and off they go. Everyone looking out for each other and their property. It’s certainly an environment of mutual respect for your neighbours. It got me wondering if they all do this at home or if this is just camping etiquette.

It had made me appreciate more than ever how valuable friendliness and kindness is towards one another. I think in our busy lives we often forget these two qualities as members of our community. I’ve decided that this year one of my personal goals is to be more community minded in my neighbourhood.

There will definitely be an increase in the random acts of kindness and taking the time to check in on my neighbours.


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