One of my 2013 personal highlights

One of my highlights this year was participating in a spinathon at Habit Evans Bay to help Chris Watson raise funds towards his 8 day 800km charity bike ride in Thailand in January 2014. The annual event raises money to support Hands Across the Water (HATW ) centres and also a number of projects. Check out there website

There are two reasons this was one of my highlights, first HATW is an amazing charity and I have been able to see first hand the great work they do particularly for the children of Baan Than Namchai. Secondly I committed to completing six hours spinning which included two one hour spin classes and the remainder spinning at my own pace. Thanks to a number of generous sponsors this was more than I had planned to complete when I decided to participate.

I started getting lots of advice from people on how to survive the six hours and some people even told me I was pretty much setting myself up to fail. The thing that surprised me the most was my reaction. I started to get more and more focused and determined I could do this. I spent time visualising completing the challenge and the feel good factor I would experience at the end of the spinathon. The day of the spinathon I think it’s fair to say I was the most focused on achieving a fitness challenge than I had for years. I got Into the zone, downloaded some spin music and off I went. Rather than doing my four hours at a relaxed pace I kept up a steady pace using the music to keep me motivated. I ended up spinning for six hours 30 minutes, raised $1630 and felt really good the day after.

The lesson here for me was if I put my mind to a challenge I can achieve it. I am going to set another challenge this year so watch this space.


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