Gearing up for 2014

I’m currently on my summer vacation and have set myself a challenge to post a mini blog each day till I get back to work on the 6th January.

For a number of years I have used the summer holiday break to write my goals for the upcoming year. I have found the best way to prepare myself is to spend time reflecting on the past 12 months . There are a number of ways you can undertake refection exercises my favourite is asking myself three questions.

1. What are the three career achievements I am most proud of in 2013?
2. What were the three career lowlights I don’t want to repeat in 2014?
3. What career goals did I set in 2013 that I didn’t achieve and why did’t this happen?

The most challenging question for me is frequently number 3. I feel a sense of personal disappointment and the old failure cloud can creep over me. It would be easy to just drop this question but I find it helps me to really focus. It also helps me think hard about what’s important to me, why I set the goal in the first place and finally what am I willing to do differently in upcoming year.

My challenge for you over the next week is to take some “ME” time to undertake career reflection and then set yourself some goals to make 2014 a career charged year and be the best you can be.


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