Positive Self Reflection – our unsung hero

Starting a new role is such an exciting time but so often brings with it a flood of self doubt and nervousness. It can hit people a few days before they start or as late as in the middle of the wee hours on their first day.  That self talk kicks in and goes a little like this …. will they like me, will I be able to do the job, what if I can’t meet their expectations.

Two of my clients started exciting new roles this week and experienced exactly this and for both of them the self talk and nervousness had come as a surprise. I expect this was partly because they had both been in their previous roles five plus years and hadn’t been the new kid on the block for some time.  It is always easy giving advice from the sideline but I couldn’t hold back. I reminded them that their organisations could have chosen someone else but they had seen the talent and skill match and wanted them on their team.  I got them to reflect on how they felt when they started their last job and reflect on what they had achieved within their first six months. Instantly the tensions started to disappear and I could hear the self belief come back in to their voices.

It was a great reminder to me that we all experience times of self doubt and the best tool we have at our finger tips is “positive self reflection” identifying and reminding ourselves what we have achieved before, how far we have come and the value we have added along the way.

Your challenge from me:  is next time you find yourself experiencing that self doubt chatter find a quiet spot and do some self reflecting on the value you bring to your client and/or employer.

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