Imagine it..

Something a little different this week.  I have a guest blogger who was really keen to share their secret to finding their career and life mojo. 

How often have you heard – imagine it and it can happen, you could become richer, slimmer, faster, stronger , more successful at work !  It’s easy to think that’s a load of rubbish and there is no way you could actually achieve something by imagining it. I dispute that and have learnt through personal experience the real value in what I call “active visualisation”. The real power in this is that the subconscious mind is far bigger than the conscious mind. Think of it like an iceberg where most of it is really below the sea’s surface. Feeding positive thoughts into the subconscious mind then directs the conscious mind where to go!

Originally when I first heard of this concept I did some research and found some incredible examples of visualisation success. One fascinating example was that of a US Army General held captive for many years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. Every day he visualised playing a game of golf on his local Californian course. He would mentally follow each stroke, into each hole across an 18 hole golf course. He would visualise playing better shots, getting lower scores and being the best even winning prizes. Not only did this exercise relieve the boredom of being a prisoner of war confined to a cell, it also gave him strength to endure the awful environment he was kept in.

And guess what when he finally was released from captivity at the end of the war he got to play a game of golf soon after his homecoming. Guess what – played the best game of golf ever smashing previous scores!

What has come to me from active visualisation is greater happiness, financial security and a generally better attitude to life.

So how does this active visualisation work? I understand it can take a number of forms but I will share with you the different exercises that have worked really well for me:

1.       The Shower of Money

You are having a lovely warm shower on a cold Wellington morning. You close your eyes and imagine money coming out of the shower nozzle. You think I am going to be better off so I can help my family, have a car I deserve etc. (you can fill in the rest).

2.       The Happy Life

You find a safe comfortable place and mentally work through what the signs are of a happy life.  Great relationships, great job etc. All of what you want – focus on it and imagine it.

3.       The Fit and Healthy Me

This is another active visualisation step where you really see yourself as a strong, healthy and fit person who is loving life.

It’s really easy to dismiss the above as new age mumbo jumbo. But trust me put some time and energy into the above and your life will change.

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